Who We Are

Unique Approach

StreetSmart provides strategic and tactical investor relations advisory services to public and private companies at all stages of growth and development.

StreetSmart differs from other investor relations firms in three very distinct ways.

Select Number of Clients

We engage only a select number of clients, ensuring that each receives the highest level of attention. This model allows us to deliver personal, senior-level support.

Wall Street Experience

The firm is comprised of senior IR professionals with decades of experience on Wall Street. Our knowledge of finance combined with extensive due diligence and persuasive communications, enables us to position our clients to achieve the highest possible valuations.

Close Partnerships

We form close working partnerships with our clients, effectively working as an in-house IR department. By investing the time and resources up front, we get to know each client intimately, allowing us to understand the company’s strengths and uniquely position each client for optimum impact.

Each engagement is specifically tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. We measure the success of each program by achieving the goals and milestones we set in partnership with each client.