What We Do

StreetSmart is widely regarded for its excellence in developing and managing strategic and tactical investor relations programs. We provide knowledge-based counsel that builds and sustains investor support.

Public Company Programs

Core public company investor relations activities include:

Through a combination of these efforts, StreetSmart designs, develops and executes cost-effective programs that engender the greatest value for our public clients and their shareholders.

Summary of Services:  

Pre-IPO and Private Company Programs

StreetSmart works with pre-IPO and private company clients to help facilitate a smooth transition to the public markets and to build forward premium valuations. StreetSmart also supports private placements and private equity transactions.

Private company and pre-IPO investor relations activities include:

Based on decades of experience, the firm’s principals have cultivated relationships with buy- and sell-side analysts and investors, as well as private equity and venture capital investors across multiple industries. StreetSmart facilitates introductions to targeted investors and maintains communications throughout the investment process, supporting and enhancing the valuation of pre-IPO and private company clients.

Strategic Communications

Businesses evolve and grow over time. Changing technologies, unexpected market shifts, and other outside events can leave a company without a clear sense of direction. Internal events such as management departures, product failures or delays, or operating inefficiencies can also keep a business from reaching its true potential. StreetSmart works with its clients to thoroughly understand the key issues impacting value and advises on how best to effectively communicate these issues to the Street.

StreetSmart’s strategic communications activities include:

  • Shaping investment community perceptions and building long-term credibility through sustained, open and responsible communications
  • Collaborating with management and outside advisors to develop the best strategies and tactics for managing and communicating change

StreetSmart’s direct capital markets experience combined with third-party objectivity enables the firm to implement effective communications programs that address the critical issues important to investors, customers, employees, and other key stakeholder audiences.


Financial Public Relations

  • Crafting key messages that underscore investment appeals
  • Creating communications tools such as press kits, fact sheets, and pitch letters
  • Identifying and training company spokespersons
  • Outreach to national and local financial media
  • Media tracking and monitoring